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ASC Coater Technology Co., Ltd. is a development and production in one of the specialized machinery manufacturing enterprise, specializing in the manufacture of various Adhesive tape and no class, cloth, leather, plastic products category on a variety of materials plastic, multilayer laminating, slitting, rewinding, slitting, punching machine. And the production of similar professional machinery. All products used in Taiwan similar mechanical design drawings, many years after the factory improved, so that the machine in the machine, electricity, gas, liquid, and many at the advanced level in the same domestic industry. The company has engaged in years of machinery manufacturing tape management and technical team, product marketing throughout the country and exported to many countries, praised by customers. Over the years our aim is to conduct: everything from the customer needs, sincere cooperation with customers, adhere to improve after-sales service, products reflect high-quality, low-cost principle. Excellent workmanship, superior quality, advanced technology and improve the quality of after-sales service, won the praise of customers.

ASC Coater Technology Co., Ltd